I love studying anything to with how the media can influence the way people look and feel about things. Well, I came across this interesting article in Forbes called the “10 Most Trusted Celebrities.” There’s a short article, then a link at the end of it to a 10 picture slideshow of each celeb. It’s a rather old article (from 2010), but don’t let that deter you, as it takes nothing away from the experience.

While flicking through the images, take note of the emotions you feel with every individual. I went from quiet smiles, to nostalgic memories of carefree, youthful days, to tears of joy (almost). The whole experience made me think about my personal brand, and what thoughts, feelings and emotions my fans (as in customers), experience when they think about me and my business?

I would like to think my clients are over the moon with the results I bring them. They would say things like “He’s an honest, hardworking guy who cares about my business.” Definitely going to call a few of them to find out first hand, and if they all don’t cry tears of joy, I’m packing up and going back to a day job :-).

Seriously though, what thoughts, feelings and or emotions does your authority brand bring out in your clients? What do you think your clients say about you when you’re not there? How are you being perceived in your marketplace?

Check out the Forbes article (it’s very short read), and especially the slideshow link at the end of it, listen to your thoughts and take notice of how and what each individual makes you feel, then return here and leave your thoughts and comments below.

10 Most Trusted Celebrities