My “Credibility Breakthroughs” book tour of the United States took me on an unplanned journey to the capital, Washington DC. A completely different rhythm to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, New York, I had the honor of visiting Dr. Benjamin ChavisHoward University and attending the African Methodist Episcopal Church where I met esteemed members of international media outlets such as The Washington Post and  The Afro, the Nation’s #1 Afro American Newspaper.

My guide, showing me around DC, and introducing me to local entrepreneurs, leading figures and her most dearest family members, Valencia Mohammed, commonly known as Mamma, or Miss Mohammed was the perfect host. I had no idea I was in the company of such an esteemed member of the DC community. In spite of her own personal tragedies, which she never once mentioned to me, she bent over backwards to make me feel at home, and assist me in my quest to promote my book and network with DC’s most influential movers and shakers. For that Miss Valencia, I will remain eternally grateful to you.

Finally, to Sister Nia 2X, the host of the Nia 2X Radio Show (another contact through Miss Valencia). Nia did a great job of pulling some very educational information out of me during her show. I had no idea what she was going to ask, but it turned out pretty well.

Listen in if you want to know the number one most effective way to position yourself as an expert, so prospects and clients choose you… instead of your competition.


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