You know what it’s like, you work your tail off getting your content to a place where you feel as though even the most negative people you know will be in awe of your masterpiece.

However when you post it, it has all the impact of a gnat stepping on an elephant’s toe 🙁

Of course there aren’t any guarantees that anything you write is going to go viral, and there’ll be times when you feel as though you’ve created terrific content and for some reason or another it fails to catch the attention of our audience.

Rather than wring our hands in angst, let’s take a look at three possible reasons your content may not be igniting the hearts of potential clients.

1) No Emotional Connection

This is the first place to check.

If you aren’t connecting with your audience on a gut level, striking them where they live, there is no way they’ll feel obliged to share this “meh” work any further than the delete key.

Addressing people’s pain points and showing that you not only care enough to help, but also have some experience in this area yourself is an excellent first step.

2) Poor Distribution of Your Content

This is where many of us miss the boat.

There are more places than ever to share your content, and the ease of doing this is surpassed only by the time and effort it will require to do so, but hey, you wanted for it to reach far and wide, right?

Be sure you announce your content on social media channels, via your email list, and anywhere else you have your voice.

Work on making connections larger than yours, and using your social media contacts.

Think about using paid traffic to boost your content, as in a Facebook or Twitter ad.

3) It’s Not Sharable

Consider this one: what motivates you to share?

Is it inspiring, funny, moving, or just plain weird.

Does it make your blood boil, give great insight or otherwise make you think?

If your content isn’t achieving any of these, you can rest assured your readers won’t be in a hurry to share this with their friends and followers as well.

What questions do you have about creating viral content for your business?

Write them in the comments box below and we’ll talk soon.